Finally, I bought one for $19.99 this weekend. It`s amazing, that the quality of aluminium casting is so...excellent. I grounded the remaining sumatra dark roast beans, loaded them in the espresso "machine", and, after 3 minutes on the stove, the pot was full, the aroma filled the room, and my caffeinated buds swelled. Not accustomed to straight espresso, I had to dilute my shot with hot water. It produced a very rich "americano"-style drink. Compared to a french press, this is a leap forward. It did not have that stale fortaste that a press can produce, there were no big coffee beans particles and overall, the drink was smoother and richer (mind you, the same amount of ground coffee).

My verdict, I am not going back to french press and trading the experience of a rich and smooth coffee. Moka pot is my best $20 spent so far!
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