Finally, I bought one for $19.99 this weekend. It`s amazing, that the quality of aluminium casting is so...excellent. I grounded the remaining sumatra dark roast beans, loaded them in the espresso "machine", and, after 3 minutes on the stove, the pot was full, the aroma filled the room, and my caffeinated buds swelled. Not accustomed to straight espresso, I had to dilute my shot with hot water. It produced a very rich "americano"-style drink. Compared to a french press, this is a leap forward. It did not have that stale fortaste that a press can produce, there were no big coffee beans particles and overall, the drink was smoother and richer (mind you, the same amount of ground coffee).

My verdict, I am not going back to french press and trading the experience of a rich and smooth coffee. Moka pot is my best $20 spent so far!
God Chasers by Tommy Tenney.

Read the first chapter on a single breath. It is true. We are repelled by anything that does not satisfy our hunger. We are looking for ways to fill an emptiness. Some look in astrological calendars, some call on psychics, some use drugs -- as an ultimate spiritual experience.

Church has failed and is still failing to be a place, a community that knows God. For centuries it has been a place that knew about God. But what about knowing God?