Diesel Black Gold inspired biker blouse

Diesel Black Gold F-W 2014-2015.

So, this is a story of the most worn and loved blouse I've ever made.

The client wanted a non-fitted "interesting" blouse to wear with... red jeans I made some time before. I had a variety of black fabrics in my stash bought obviously for other purposes. Alas, I proposed a sheer for sleeves, a non-sheer for the bodice, and satin for collar, placket and cuffs.
Fabrics, natural shell buttons, snaps and rivets
I threw in natural shell black buttons, ordered snaps and rivets on aliexpress.
Front of the blouse
This was the first project that I took pictures as I was going along.
Fronts assembled with rivets.
Sleeves and cuffs
Blouse before attaching snaps to the collar and cuffs.
The blouse has several pleats in the front, and just side bust darts to keep the silhouette straight.
The collar is my first attempt at a biker-style stand collar. I think I should adjust the pattern to make it hug the neck better.
Cuff with snaps
Collar and placket details
I used medium fusible interfacing for the collar and cuffs, but left the placket soft.
Office-friendly blouse
And finally, on the model!
Biodome, Montreal. With Alexei and Iacov. (and red jeans)
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