Elie Saab inspired magenta dress

Elie Saab inspired magenta dress
The inspiration for this dress came from Elie Saab's 2014 Resort collection
 (c) Elie Saab 2014 Resort
Of course I had to make changes to the design. First of all, the client wanted a dress with long sleeves. Second, the fabric in my stash was a medium-heavy weight one, most likely a synthetic of some kind, not stretchy, with a lovely diagonal ribbing effect. At first, in the store, I assumed it was a ribbed jersey, however... The fabric sewed beautifully, though the colour bled when I decanted the fabric prior to working with it. Did not shrink, I think. And third, the client wanted a more modest gorge treatment.
This was my second ever dress made from the Rundschau (Мюллер) pattern. I copied the front and back pieces and freehanded the style lines on them. Then, copied pattern pieces with seam allowances.
Construction: there is horsehair interfacing in the front to keep the shape of the upper part of the dress. There are thin hand-made shoulder pads, and sleeve roll pads (bias strips of soft medium weight wool). Invisible zipper (my second in a dress). The dress is fully lined.
Front style lines detail
Front neck opening and back lining detail
Lining attached to the bottom of dress
Lapped slit in the back
I had to re-sew the zipper several time to match the back

Back unzipped with lining picking out
 Et voilà. Merci!
Easter 2014
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