Valentino inspired blue blouse

I was lucky today, and caught my darling for lunch. She was wearing my creation: Valentino inspired blouse. Here are the originals, from Valentino Pre-fall 2015-2016.
Valentino Pre-Fall 2015-2016
and this one
Valentino Pre-Fall 2015-2016
I bought this fabric a while ago (~2014) at Fabricville, it is cotton and silk blend - very light and delightful to the touch. First I thought to make a summer shirt for myself, but my client talked me into making this blouse. I had to go to the same store again and look for trims, lace, etc. I was not wise enough to take the fabric swatch with me, however, the only bolt of blue lace in the store happened to be a perfect match for the fabric (which I discovered at home).
Cotton-silk blend, blue lace, natural shell buttons and "soft seams" ribbon.
I used the same tried and tested self-drafted pattern (Rundschau system - Atelie magazines). However, having some experience sewing pleats before, I cut front and back pieces wider and longer than the patter, sewing the pleats and lace inlays first, then laid the pattern on top of the sewn fronts and cut them. The same I did with the back, only had to fold it. I repeated the same process for the sleeves.

Shoulder and sleeve seams

French side seams and hem

All inner seams are French (enclosed). I used the "soft seams" tape on the sleeve and shoulder seams.

For the sleeve placket I used the same pattern and techniques as for the men's shirt.

Sleeve placket
Collar stand with hand-stitched lace, and hand stitches show in the back after attaching lace trim

Lace trim at the back and on the collar had to be pieced together and attached by hand.
Collar detail

Back detail
And here it is on the model.
Collar detail
Sleeve detail
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tally said...

That's a wonderful blouse!