Prada gingham inspired blouse runs a "competition" on "breathtaking" blouses sewn at home. I've posted only one or two of my home sewing projects since I have taken to it. With this opportunity I've asked my lovely client and spouse to model the latest blouses and shirts I've put together.

I use the simplest sewing machine for my projects, an iron and ironing board. No other equipment.

The pattern for all the garments is self-drafted by the Mueller system (following its Russian version in Atelie magazines). The pattern is a shortened fitted dress pattern with basic sleeve.

First one up is inspired by Prada men's shirt from 2013-2014, black and white gingham (Vichy) pattern with jabot.
Prada shirt 2013-2014
The fabric I used for the project was from a discount pile at Fabricville in Gatineau, if I remember correctly, at a whopping $3/meter. It is cotton with some stretch in it. Actually, a very easy one to work with.
Gingham fabric from Fabricville

The blouse has basic bust and waist darts front and back, menswear inspired sleeve placket and collar with stand, jabot and sleeve frills cut from selvedge.

As opposed to the removable jabot at Prada, this one is sewn in the front placket.

I added a frill detail to the sleeve.
Buttons are bought off Ebay (China of course).
 And, la pièce de résistance,

Et voilà
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